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Royalty and Celebities who use Homeopathy 15th August 2012

Many of us watched the fantastic athletes at the Olympic games in 2012 and some were lucky enough to get tickets to the go and see the games live.  Read this Newspaper article on athletes and celebrities who swear by homeopathy.  These are just a handful of the many famous people and athletes who use homeopathy, including our own Royal Family.



Cholesterol - Is it really bad for us?  Read why a raised cholesterol level may be a cause for celebration! If you take Statin drugs you should find this very interesting!  Contact me for more information.


Grief and the risk of Heart Attack

Stress impacts far more than your heart.  Click here to read about this and how you can help yourself


Top 12 Healthy Foods to Improve your Immune system

For Top 12 Healthy Foods to Improve your Immune system and ward of colds and flu click here

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