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Many people use homoepathy across the world and have personal evidence that it works for them, including Medical Doctors, other health practitioners, scientists, Royalty and other prominant figures.  However, there are also many health professionals, scientists and members of the general public that are sceptical of homeopathy.  This is because there isn't a categoric scientific explanation of how homeopathy works.  There is the belief that it can't work because we don't know exactly how it works. 

Does it make any sense that something suddenly starts to work the moment scientific research proves the mechanism of action, but before this was known it was totally ineffective?  

It is also said that homeopathy cannot work, as the substance is diluted in water so much that there is none of the actual substance left.  This is because there is an assumption that the homeopathic remedy has to have a direct action on the biological and chemical systems in our body in order to elicit a biological effect and to do that you need to have some material.  In fact, homeopathy is an energetic medicine and works on the energy systems in our bodies via physics principles, not biochemical principles.  Another example of an energy medicine is acupunture.

I believe that everybody is entitled to their opinion and if some people don’t want to take advantage of the healing potential of homoepathy, that is fine.   My personal aim is to help sick people achieve their optimum level of health, not to ‘argue’ with sceptics.  In this section I will give you summary information with links to more detail on research and evidence, so that you can make up your own mind.

The Memory of Water

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