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At the 2010 Nobel Laureate meeting, the French Virologist Professor Luc Montagnier, who won the Nobel prize in 2008 for his discovery of HIV and the link with AIDS, presented his latest discovery that solutions containing the DNA of viruses and bacteria “could emit low frequency radio waves” and that the waves remain in the water, even after it has been diluted many times.  This is evidence of a fundamental concept of homeopathy.

See Nobel Scientist discovers the scientific basis of homeopathy

For those who like the 'hard' science.  Watch the video of Luc Montagnier's presentation of his research at the 2010 Nobel Laureate meeting.  Filter on Meeting:2010 and Laureate: Montagnier, Luc

 Luc Montagnier is now taking up the leadership of a new research institute  at Jiaotong university in Shanghai. He plans to study electromagnetic waves that Montagnier says emanate from the highly diluted DNA of various pathogens.  

Luc Montagnier's research is an important contribution to the growing evidence base in fundamental research with direct relevance to homeopathy. 

In a recent interview published in Science magazine Luc Montagnier has stated   I can’t say that homeopathy is right in everything. What I can say now is that the high dilutions are right. High dilutions of something are not nothingThey are water structures which mimic the original molecules. I have applied for funding from other sources, but I have been turned down. There is a kind of fear around this topic in Europe. I am told that some people have reproduced Benveniste’s results, but they are afraid to publish it because of the intellectual terror from people who don’t understand it.  Click here for more information

Full interview in Science 24 December 2010: Vol.330 no. 6012 p.1732  

Click here to read Dana Ullman's excellent article summarising information about Luc Montagnier and another Nobel Prize-winning scientist Brian Josephson, Ph.D., Emeritus professor of Cambridge University, plus additional information, with full references



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