The Memory of Water

The human body is around 70% water. Water molecules are highly polarised and have unique properties.  During the preparation of homeopathic medicines, the water takes on the electromagnetic properties of the substance.  These electromagnetic properties are retained and amplified within the water during the dilution and succussion process of preparing the homeopathic remedy, even when it has been diluted to the extent that there are no chemical molecules of the material left within the water.

Water from the homeopathic dilution of salt (sodium chloride) and of lithium chloride, examined using spectroscopy has been found to have different energetic properties in the hydrogen bonds compared to pure water, demonstrating that the water has been altered during the homeopathic dilution process.  Click here for reference.

See my page on Homeopathy Research & Evidence for the latest evidence of this, published in 2010 by Nobel Laureate Professor Luc Montagnier.

Research has shown that water from the homeopathic dilution of sodium chloride (salt) and lithium chloride has different properties in the hydrogen bonds compared to pure water which can been seen through spectroscopy, thus showing that the water has been altered during the homeopathic process of dilution and succussion.  Reference to this research 

Further information on the scientific evidence of the effects of ultra-diluted substances

Dr Masaru Emoto has photographed the crystals of numerous samples of water exposed to different things, showing the effects that energy, music, location, words and even thoughts have on the formation of water crystals. Dr Emoto's experiments are not the focus of homeopathic review.  However, his photographs are visual illustrations of the memory of water.  More information on Dr Emoto's work can be found on his website

For more pictures of water crystals illustrating the memory of water, click here.

Homeopathy Research & Evidence

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