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EFT fees are based on £60/hour.  Go to 'What is EFT?'


Homeopathy Treament & Fees

Homeopathy can be used both for long-term issues (Chronic treatment) and minor, short-term ailments or injuries (Acute treatment).

I offer a FREE 15 minute consultation in person or on the phone to discuss your health issues and find out how homeopathy could help you, so you can then make an informed decision about your health care and whether homeopathy is for you.

Most private medical insurance schemes cover homeopathic treatment. Click here for more information. 


Chronic Treatment

Homeopathy is not a 'quick fix'.  I want to understand you as an individual and treat the root cause of your illness.  The number of appointments required varies for each individual and is dependant on the nature, severity and longevity of your symptoms. 

If you have had symptoms for several years, your body will need time to respond to the homeopathic remedy and initiate the healing process.  It is common for initial improvements to be seen fairly quickly, followed by increasing improvements over time.

Your First Visit for chronic issues

At your first visit you will have the opportunity to tell me about all your health issues in detail, past medical history and all current medication.  I will also cover basic nutritional advice, relevant to your health issues. I will explain the options for your treatment and we will agree the most appropriate treatment plan for you as an individual.  This session includes some basic kinesiology tests.  If your current and past medical history is short, additional kinesiology, or EFT may be done if applicable.

This first visit will last 1½ hours.  Fee: £80


3 month Chronic Treatment Package:

My aim is to provide a comprehensive treatment package, giving you full support in between appointments in addition to the actual consultations times.

After your first visit, (covering your detailed medical history etc., as detailed above), your first chronic appointment will usually take 2-2½ hours.  This will focus on how you, as a unique individual, experience your issues at a deep level and your unique personal characteristics.  This helps me to understand you as a whole person and enables me to prescribe a remedy that helps you with the root cause of your ill health.

For babies and young children the first chronic consultation consists of 2 parts: 1 hour appointment with the mother to cover the pregnancy & birth and information about the child plus a 1 hour appointment with the child & parent.


 This chronic treatment package includes the following:

  • In-depth first chronic consultation 
  • 2 follow-up consultations
  • All post-consultation time for your case analysis
  • Ongoing case reviews and all pre-appointment preparation time
  • Remedy testing using kinesiology
  • Remedies, tailored to your individual needs*
  • Nutritional advice
  • Telephone and email support in between appointments
  • Advice and remedies* for any minor ailments or injuries

Chronic package cost: £240               

Follow-up appointment (45-60 mins): £60 For ongoing patients this includes the same interim care between appointments of email/telephone support and acute treatment for minor ailments and injuries. 

Payment is required at the appointment by cash or cheque.  If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please ask for my bank details and make the transfer 24 hrs before your appointment.


Treatment Plans can cover any combination of homeopathy, kinesiology, nutritional therapy, and EFT, as appropriate for your individual needs.


Acute Treatment

I offer shorter consultations for minor ailments and injuries. 

Initial Acute appointment including remedies* (1/2 hour): £30                 

Acute follow up appointments including remedies* (per 15 mins): £15 


 * Occasionally tinctures, creams or essences are required.  These need to be ordered from the pharmacy specifically for the individual patient and will be charged at cost. 



Kinesiology Treatment and Fees

Standard Kinesiology sessions typically last 1 hour - Fee £60

These sessions are flexible so I can include the individual patient's requirements.  E.g. some patients need the focus to be on detecting and treating fundamental imbalances.  This can include limited supplement and/or food testing.

Others may come for comprehensive food sensitivity testing or for supplement testing.  

Food sensitivity testing/Nutritional supplement testing: 1 ½ hours - £90,

1hour - £60, ½ hour £30

Please call me to discuss your individual requirements.  

Payment is required at the appointment by cash or cheque.  If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please ask for my bank details and make the transfer 24 hrs before your appointment.

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If you need to cancel/rearrange your appointment I would be grateful if you could give me as much notice as possible, then I am able to offer your appointment slot to another patient.

The day before your appointment I spend time reviewing your case.  Therefore, whenever possible a minimum of 24 hours notice is appreciated. 

For these reasons late cancellations or missed appointments will incur a charge.

Upto 24 hours - no charge

24 hours - 4 working hours - 1/2 fees  

Less than 4 working hours and missed appointments - full fees


Normal working hours are 9:00am - 6pm Tuesday to Thursday (occasionally I can book appointments on other days by prior arrangement)




Disclaimer: The entire contents of this website are based upon the opinions of Safiya Parker unless otherwise noted. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Safiya Parker. Safiya encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.