The Medicines

Homeopathic remedies are made from many different natural substances from the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. They are given as a tablet to dissolve in the mouth or in liquid form. They do not have side effects, are not addictive and are safe for use at any age, from newborns to the elderly and in pregnancy.

 How do homeopathic medicines work?

Homeopathic medicines utilise the electromagnetic properties of natural substances, to stimulate the natural healing mechanisms in the body.  These properties are 'transferred' to the carrier solution of the water during the process of dilution and succussion when preparing the remedy.  (The Memory of Water)

It is not the material substance of the remedy that acts on the biochemisty of the body.  It works on physics principles via the electromagnetic waves that are still present within the water, even when it has been diluted to the extent that there are no chemical molecules of the material left within the water!  The water retains the 'memory' of the electromagnetic frequency of the substance, even at ultra high dilutions. The Nobel prize winner, Professor Luc Montagnier has now published evidence of this phenomenon in his recent research.  Click here for more information.

There are many 'attacks' on homeopathy based on the lack of understanding that the action of the remedy is not initiated by the biochemical action of the material substance and therefore it is said that homeopathy cannot work if there is no molecule of the substance present. 

See the Science & Research pages for more information about the memory of water and how homeopathy works.





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