What My Patients Say

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After a few years suffering from a range of complaints with no long term solution from my GP, I decided to try a homeopathic solution .During my first consultation I was made to feel totally at ease by the friendly surroundings and relaxed atmosphere that Safiya created.  I found Safiya to be very knowledgeable about the subject and very easy to talk to, unlike some GP's who can be difficult to talk to sometimes. After 2 to 3 weeks taking the remedy I could feel some improvement.  Now I have no pain at all and it hasn't returned after several months! On the first consultation Safiya explained that she would be treating not just the physical condition but me as a whole person and prescribed a homeopathic remedy to help with a deeper cause and not just the  outward physical symptoms.  Not only did my main physical complaints disappear quickly, but further treatment gave significant improvements to deeper seated issues, as well as eradicating a number of other minor symptoms.  My whole outlook on life has now changed to a more positive one.  I would recommend Safiya to anyone wishing to try an alternative type of treatment"
                                                                                           Mr D Wood, Northwich

Having gone through a divorce I was feeling stressed and the symptoms were manifesting themselves in the form of insomnia and headaches.   I initially embarked on a course of homeopathic treatment with a degree of scepticism, which was to be revealed as totally unfounded.  The therapeutic treatment offered by Safiya I found to be tremendously beneficial and my symptoms began to be alleviated within the first week of treatment.  During the course of my treatment with Safiya my headaches and insomnia reduced considerably, to the extent that they are no longer an issue for me now.  I found Safiya’s manner and approach to be professional, non judgemental and sensitive.  Following my experience with homeopathic medicine, with Safiya, I would not hesitate to recommend this holistic approach to treatment.  I found my experience to be hugely beneficial to my general health and wellbeing and an extremely positive experience.                                                                     

                                                                                         Mrs D. Norley, Cheshire

Insomnia and headaches are medical conditions where positive findings for homeopathy have been reported in at least one systematic review, randomised controlled trial (RCT) or non-randomised study.  Click here for the current list of medical conditions with positive findings. 


I consulted Safiya regarding help with the alleviation of menopausal symptoms. The symptoms were such that I decided to seek homeopathic help. Safiya made me feel at ease immediately with her warm and caring manner. She fully explained the process and I had confidence both in her and the process. She conducted a detailed holistic analysis and then took me through it and the proposed treatment.
When I started the treatment I had recurring night sweats which were very uncomfortable and disrupted my sleep patterns. The sweats have now almost completely stopped I feel more relaxed and happy in myself, even my memory has improved.
Safiya has a professional caring manner and she is particularly good at getting to the bottom of a problem and then prescribing an alternative solution.                                                                                                                                                                                               
M.K.Goadby, Norley, Cheshire


I first sought homeopathic help from Safiya when I was very ill with Pneumonia.  I was on my second course of antibiotics but not getting any better and was being pressed to go into hospital.  Safiya made it clear that I must take advice and treatment from my doctor but she agreed to help me as well.  After only 24 hours I started to turn the corner and improved steadily, making a full recovery much quicker than expected.  Having also suffered from chronic medical problems for over 20 years, requiring taking several medicines daily, I decided to have a full homeopathic consultation with Safiya and see if homeopathy could help me.

Safiya was very sensitive and she set me at ease immediately.  I didn’t know much about homeopathy and she took the time to explain things in a way I could understand easily.  I felt reassured when she explained her holistic approach of treating me as a whole person.  I wasn’t happy with the drugs I had been taking for different complaints, treating them as unconnected symptoms and only holding things at bay, not improving them.  It made sense to me that all my physical symptoms as well as mental and emotional symptoms were linked, and all part of my ill health.  I was surprised when I got some improvements very quickly and delighted when I continued to improve dramatically with further treatment.  This has made a huge difference to my daily life.  

I found Safiya to be very approachable, caring and non-judgemental.  It is evident that she has high professional standards and is very knowledgeable about conventional medicines as well as homeopathy.  I have recommended Safiya to several family members and friends and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone interested in a holistic approach to treatment.      

                                                               Mrs Mary Parkes, Hartford, Cheshire


I had no experience of Homeopathy other than buying the odd product from the shops.  However Safiya explained in detail what homeopathy is all about and I love the idea of Safiya’s approach in working towards the cause rather than treating the symtoms.   She obviously has tremendous knowledge of the subject and I was immediately excited to think there was a solution to my complaint.  Safiya has a very calming manner and I felt completely at ease talking in detail about my health and life.

My treatment is ongoing but already I have seen quite an improvement and will continue to seek Safiya’s help in treating my complaint.  I would not hesitate in recommending friends and relatives to make use of Safiya’s excellent clinic and procedures.

                                                                                     Mrs L Hickson, Northwich 



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